Attractive solid timber (Scots pine) planter with trough. Minimum of three coats of treatment to protect the wood and plastic feet to keep it off a wet floor. Trough included. 
Hand made to order. Ideally collection, local delivery possible for small charge.
As always if you want something more bespoke just let me know 🙂

Spare Wood Planter

The ex ex, the now ex and I sat talking in the back garden one day and someone mentioned a planter. Knowing I had some spare timber to think of a use for I left ex ex and now ex and retreated to "The shed" (always a good proposition given the situation I thought)

An hour later, a planter. Thought it was quite cool myself.


It's now 6 years old. There is no floor keeping the compost depth to 12" or so, it is full depth as you see and my friend filled it with a soil/compost mix (so it weighs a lot!) with only bubble wrap as a liner; ye, I thought that, anyway besides one of the top rails needing a new screw this year it is still going strong, not what I expected when first seeing it filled.


The ones I make now have at least the same strength legs (time proven) but better looking, i.e. no paint spills on them, with the option of a false floor. The insides are lined too.

These make an attractive planter and of course can be customized to size and materials of course. Just contact me.

Raised Vegetable Planter