Wobbly Bridge

8 feet long

A fun fixed feature in your garden, great for kids and adults alike at party time.

This very robust piece of equipment is very tough, it will take multiple people.

Made from pressure treated fencing posts secured using 24" ground spikes. The 8' long bars are recycled scaffolding tube cleaned up and painted.

A tensioning rope through the bars locks the frame structure together tightly allowing it to be treated very roughly, however, the range of movement of the walkway both forwards/backwards and sideways is adjustable from quite ridged if needed to very loose; perfect for mum and dads garden party.


As with everything I make, this can be customised in various ways; i.e the use of chain to carry the walkway or chop the walkway in half width ways and have two walkways. I guess you could also do without the walkway and take up gymnastics 🙂 Not sure if scaffold tube is a good idea for that though.