Bird box – House Sparrow Town House & Bug House

Double house sparrow bird box with built in bug habitat.

This solid bird box will last years once put in place. The hole size is 32mm preferred by house sparrows but also suitable for the tree sparrow, great tit, pied flycatcher, nuthatch and lesser spotted woodpecker.

The main box is made from locally sourced graded C24 22mm thick FSC certified timber.

Front faces are 6mm marine ply. This ply is manufacturer guaranteed not to peel for 10 years. These are screwed to the fronts. Future ones will be the same as the rest of the box - Just happened to have marine ply in 🙂

Though not really needed they are treated with 2 coats of an environmentally safe protection. If you ever need to retreat them then please do so in early winter to ensure any volatile components evaporate off before occupancy.

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