Fold Flat Tables

A strong yet light easy to use fold flat table. Ideal where a good working surface and mobility is needed, where room is tight or it's only needed occasionally.

The fold flat table. Easy to carry weighing in at 9.6Kg but strong enough to hold a 75kg person easily enough. Good as a desk or good in a workshop and looks good too. The top just flips over on the brass 270 degree hinges allowing for easy storage. Its folded flat depth is only 4 inches. I use one and find it very handy.

Available in white, red, yellow, black, lightly burnt or my personal favourite finish using the Japanese practice of Shou-Sugi-Ban to burn the surface. Usually the charred surface is brushed off leaving the smooth timber, however, leaving the surfaced charred and sealing it produces a beautiful finish; something a bit different.

Prices start from £35 with the Shou-Sugi-Ban style finish being £45. Delivery costs are £20 mainland UK or collection is available from the JKL workshops. Currently each is made to order and as I work alone delivery times could be up to 3 weeks though can be quicker. This can be confirmed at the time of order. 

Loving this finish once it sealed.