Modular Shed

Fits into a family hatchback for assembly on site.

A project for a guy whose son was going to Uni in Birmingham and needed some place to keep his bicycle and lawn mower (student? Lawn mower? humm)  but didn't want a full sized shed.

This is made from 22mm standard grade shiplap

The other criteria were:-

  • Fit into a family car (hatchback) for assembly on site.
  • Assembly should be "easy", "as simple as possible".
  • "No screws"
  • "No having to align anything"
  • "Low maintenance"
  • "Full width double doors"
  • "Secure"

Job completed using 14 bolts of 4 different sizes plus 4 pre-inserted ones (not including pre-assembled hinges and lock).

The client had to collect the shed a week early so I didn't get chance to cut the roof in half and picture it's join.


I would say this shed can be assembled by most able people in about half an hour. It is harder to get it wrong than to get it right, in fact I would go so far to say that it would take effort to assemble it wrong. In fact it is THAT easy to put together a penguin did it last week, that or we have a three foot nun living next door 🙂


Cost from £350