Time Out Timer Stool – TOTS

Though a novelty these timer stools are hand made from solid oak recovered from authentic British Victorian/Edwardian furniture that is no longer in a usable condition. Each stools history is traceable to the original furniture it came from making each stool unique including its overall age which are usually over 100 plus years: See the comments on each picture for details. I raised my two mostly single handed so in my mind I could easily hear myself saying to one "... right! Go and sit on the TOTS, for two turns!"

The Barley twist legs are stripped back to reveal eachs' beautiful grain pattern before receiving at least three coats of finishing wax and a gentle buffing. The seats, where possible, are made from the same furniture where the legs came from. I reason that these pieces of timber came together to serve us, often over a century ago, so when possible I try to keep them together. This is true even for the hand made end grain dowels used to attach the seats to the legs.

The hour glass is, obviously, made from plastic Coke bottles for child safety and cost reasons, plus I think they look the biz :-), the sand is locally sourced, washed and kiln dried.

A bung between the two bottles sets the timer to two minutes give or take a second so could be used as an egg timer too 🙂 The jointing ring, made of waxed solid English beech, gives strength to the glued junction between the bottles, it also shows the length of time for any particular stool.

Part of the TOTS uniqueness comes from these only being available as and when suitable material sources become available so are not a stock item. To order one simply message me and I will get back to you with availability details.

As each TOTS is made to order please allow up to 4 weeks after payment is received before your item is ready for collection or delivery. Delivery charges may apply. Height 530mm (just under 21") with a diameter of 300mm (just under 12") £45 plus shipping of £15