Toy Shields

Kids had their axes and swords so now they wanted shields to go with them.
You may notice that the handle is high up, it seemed that my 'test' kids could shield themselves better; dunno just seemed that way.
Let me know what you find, always looking to improve and keep prices low.
As with almost everything I make if you want something and want it customised then that is brilliant, love doing that stuff for customers; may cost some more but not always.
Kids, 8yrs old said "Totally sick" (apparently sick means good these days), go figure ;-/

They are made from a thin 3mm plywood layer to give the timber look with a backing of 6mm (3/8" total)MDF, diameter  480mm (19"). Though they are painted and varnished they cannot be considered water proof and if left wet the MDF may swell and cause damage.

Shield prices start at £15. Axes and swords sold extra.